Freitag, 30. November 2012

Christmas decoration

As I said, I wanted to upload some more pics of our decoration. :) I just made the Advent wreath. So here we go:

 This is an advent calender, that my mother-in-law once made for Volker. Now Fynn is using it every year. :)

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

My first ATCs

Today I was busy again. In the morning I found two caches in the city and this morning (while Thordis was sleeping a bit) I made my first ATCs for ages. :) Saskia, my pal from Netherlands, and I want to exchange ATCs now and then. Our first two themes were "Rauhnächte" and "Geocaching". Hm, in my point of view, I think I wasn't creative enough, but what do you think? These are the ATCs:

And I also wanted to tell you where the cache was hidden at the weekend. Well, it was hidden under the knob. You could open a hole with it. ;) I think that was a lot of work to do. And in autumn I wouldn't say that this cache has the difficulty 2,5. It must have more.

Montag, 26. November 2012

Where is the cache?

A Letterbox
At the weekend we made a little geocaching tour in Hespe, Meerbeck and Stadthagen. We found some really nice places of which I didn't know that they exist. ;) Some caches were easy, some were very hard and I think the hardest ever we found on that weekend.

Where is the cache?

Maybe it wasn't that easy as it is autumn, but hey, we never had such a cache and who knows that sort of that is existing. We got finally help from my sister. ;) It was the Bonus of a tour we have made with team Gyldenale in July. I want to show you a pic here and you should please tell me, where we can find the cache. ;)

The other were quite easy. We found them very fast. For the next weekend I have to solve some more Mysteries, so that we can make a little tour again. Maybe we'll also have the time for a little multi.

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Christmas preparations

In the last days we made some christmas preparations. :) Last weekend we made 8 different cookies. I'm happy that we didn't need so much time as in the last years. Normally we need more than 8 hours for all. Maybe I looked for easy cookies, I don't know. But we finished the last ones after 6 hours. That is a new record for us. Now you'll think, how will they eat all those cookies when Solveig makes a diet? I don't know. Really! Well, our parents get cookies and if we'll have guests for the christmas market in Hameln, they can eat them, too. :) Do you make christmas cookies? Which ones do you like most? I prefer the "Lebkuchen", but I never managed that they taste like the ones from the grocery market. :( Well, the best cookies are our "Basler Leckerli", but they are more like Lembas bread of the elves, you only need one piece for a day.. ;)

But I also decorated the flat a little bit. On the pic is not our Advent wreath. It is only a decoration. The Advent wreath we'll make this weekend with my sister. A pic will follow then. :)

Montag, 12. November 2012

New projects before new year?

Haha, yeah.. I started a new project one week ago and I hope I can stay the course.. Maybe you know what I mean.. It is very hard in the time before christmas.. cookies, christmas markets, nice food.. Well, I try to lose some weight. I try to eat lower fat and after 16 o'clock no carbohydrates. That isn't easy for me as I always ate rice, potatoes and noodles in the evening. Today I ate the chinese food without rice, sometimes I ate a salad.. Have you ever made a diet where you shouldn't eat carbohydrates in the evening. If so, what did you eat? Maybe you have some ideas for me...
And of course I started again to do sports. Mostly at home and especially for my back, but once a week I'm trying to go swimming with Fynn.

Another new (old) hobby came back to me. Soon I'll start to swap the first atcs for a long time. I already swapped them in 2006/2007. The pics that I post here today are from that time. Who else is swapping atcs? If you ever want to do a swap please tell me...

And I want to remind you of my competition.. Please feel free to join. You can also join if you are from oversea.

Freitag, 2. November 2012

***Christmas competition***

I decided to make a christmas competition here. The winner will get a little present as a christmas gift from me. The only thing you have to do is answering on this post. You can join the competition until 30th November 2012. The winner will be announced on the next day. I hope a lot of you would like to join this. :)