Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014

Geocaching in 2014

One cache in a public book shelf
Volker signing in a tree
Oh my, it is ages ago, that I last wrote a blog entry. Due to some health problems in the family I wasn't able or in the mood to be a lot creative lately. But I was able to do some little geocaching tours in the last months. My goal for the year 2014 was to reach my cache #1000 and I'm not very far from it now. Only 5 and I have reached #800 and then only 200 to go. ;)

This one we didn't find so fast
the TB hotel
Well, we tried to make some different kind of geocaching tours. There was one with 4 Multis in a row which was really nice. :)

But the best so far this year was a geocaching round in Obernkirchen. All caches were made with so much love. It was always a surprise how the next cache will look like. The best was one where you had to use nails to get the cache. And I also loved one with a bee in the tree. There was also a little multi where you need a battery to solve it. :)

And another nice one was a TB hotel which looked like a hotel. :)
The one with the nails

Lena and me on the muddy path
And yesterday I made a geocaching tour close to Afferde with a neighbor. We found a lot of caches during that round. The way was very muddy and sometims I thought we were only going up. At least it was a very nice tour in the forest with some beautiful views over the Weserbergland. :)
But the best cache was also a TB hotel which wasn't part of the round.

Sadly my foot doesn't work very well lately as I have problems with it since I took antibiotics. I hope that this problem will get better in the next few weeks and that I will be able to find a lot more caches in the next months. Our plan is already to make a tour around the "Steinhuder Meer" with 90 different mysteries. ;)