Freitag, 15. August 2014

Castlefest 2014

A few months ago a new penpal of me, told me, that there is a folk/medieval festival in the Netherlands which is worth to visit. Normally we wanted to make our holiday in the Harz this year, but we changed our plans then. We wanted to go to this festival. :) And it was lovely. Okay, it is much bigger than the Festival Mediaval, but it also had other things to offer. We got know some more new bands like Cesair, Trolska Polska or Amma. And we've seen old bands like Faun, Omnia and Corvus Corax. And of course we saw bands, which we knew before, but never seen before like Folk Noir, Asynje or Zirp. :) I was happy that we had three day tickets as the row in front of the ticket sale was veeeery long (esp. on Sunday). First we thought that the festival was very expensive in comparison to the Festival Mediaval. The food was very expensive (the cheapest was 3 € for a sweet pancake), but you got water for free and of course the tickets were cheaper. So maybe we paid the same as for the other festival. ;) 
We had so much luck with the weather on all three days. Hehe, first we expected to go more to a medieval festival, but we looked nearly normal in our medieval clothes. The costumes were very interesting. It was like a go and see. ;) 
I also liked to see all those different stalls. You could buy everything for Larp, medieval and wow, so many boards games (sadly those were in Dutch or English). But for our hobbies there was much to find. It was good that we didn't have so much money with us. ;) We only bought some fudge, CDs and a medieval belt for Fynn.

Result of these two festivals we've visited: Our son likes the Castlefest, my husband likes the Festival Mediaval and I'm not sure, I like both a lot. :)

The Moon and the Nightspirit
Folk Noir
Folk Noir (Kaat)


Scarlet Stories
Thordis in front of Amma
Fun in front of Trolska Polska


The Wicker Man
Part of the festival

Creative Friday

Today I decided to make the first autumn decorations for our flat. Thordis helped me with it and she loves doing crafts. I saw this at Pinterest:, so I thought to try it with the german word "Herbst".. and this is the result:

 Which of the letters do you like most?