Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Artistic saturday

Last week I got my ATC workshop book. And today I wanted to try a little bit. I took the first easy steps, but seems I failed. It looks too
cute and too childish in my eyes. Well, I guess it'll be getting better with the time. I painted with water colors. On the one pic (with the banana) I tried to see something in it, and that were.... bananas.. ;)

Last week I also drawed some zentangles again which I wanted to share with you again. :) I hope you like them. I wanted to use them for envelopes, but it is so hard to send them out. ;) I hope the one who'll receive those will know how much love I put in those.

Tomorrow I want to try to do some more atcs, but this time with vintage pics. I hope those will look better. If you still like and want some of ATCs that I made today, please tell me, I can send those to you. :D