Montag, 29. September 2014

Geocaching in September

Geocaching in September was fun this month. What would you expect in this mailbox?
This month we went on some little geocaching tours. We found a very cute little closet for childrens books. That was a multi, but it was so short that I'd never thought it was a multi. So we were still looking for other caches. For one of them we had some problems to find it. The hint was "green" but we didn't expect it between other plants. ;)
And as the multi was so short we also tried another short multi. We managed to solve the jigsaw puzzle with uv-light, but at the final we didn't find a box. So we have to come back again.

Yesterday we made a 3 hrs geocaching tour with some traditionals. Those we need for a mystery. Sadly we were not very lucky with it. In one of them there was no logbook, some others we didn't find. One was harder than expected as it was under a very unimpressive stone. And we also found some nice ones at bridges and a little river.


But the best one was in the mailbox. It was with music and I guess at night it is even much better. Guess we have to come here again. Maybe with some other geocaching friends?



And today I made a really little multi with a friend. This was only 20 m. Would you call it a multi. I wouldn't. But it was still nice and expecially the landscape was great. :)

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Slamming and geocaching in Vienna

Yeah, it was time for another slam swapper meeting. This year it was in Vienna. :) It was my 5th time that I was flying somewhere. The last time was 2008 and also to Vienna. I was happy that it wasn't a long flight.

We stayed those days at my pal Christina and her boyfriend Christian. :) Thank you again, that we were able to stay at your place. 

On our first day (Thu) we explored the city with geocaching. We didn't want to see the normal places as we've seen those in 2008 already. So we made two multis. One was in the multi that started close to the Stephansdom. It showed us some cosy backyards. We were surprise where it brought us. And on our little tour we also met some nice geocachers from Poland. :) 
You've got mail
Hehe, and as I'm a penpaller I had to do the "You've got mail" cache. ;) Here you can see what it was:

In the afternoon we made a multi in the park of Schönbrunn. Last time in Vienna we only saw the castle and with the multi we explored the park a bit more and it was very nice. :)

On Friday we met the girls from the slamming world. It was so nice to see them again and we were walking around in the city and trying to explore the town with shopping for crafting things. ;)

In front of the Hundertwasserhaus
Geocaching event
On Saturday we started the day with a geocaching event. There were some geocachers from Norway who wanted to meet some people from Vienna or other travellers. It was nice to meet geocachers from Vienna and other countries. Sadly it rained all of the time. :( After the meeting we were driving to the central cemetary of Vienna. There we met the slam girls again. As it was still raining, we were mostly spending the day inside of a restaurant and at a café. Of course we were slamming. ;) And in the evening we visited a very nice restaurant on one of the close little mountains. I was surprised to see histamine free wine on their card (sadly they were too expensive :( ).
the slam girls
Slovakian cache
Lost place cache
And our last day we spent with Christina and Christian. They drove with us to Slovakia and Hungary as we wanted to get the souvenirs for that countries. :) In Slovakia we were still able to buy some sweets. :) And in Hungary we visited a lost place, the border between Slovakia and Hungary. That was a scary place. And we looked for another cache in Hungary which hadn't a container. :( I've never found a cache with only a logbook, so I was very surprised. On our way back to the airport we visited some ancient roman places which was very interesting and we made a break in a typical "Heurigen". :)
Border between Slovakia and Hungary
Cache in Hungary
It was a really lovely little holiday. But it felt like we didn't have enough time for everything.

Medieval market Remeringhausen

This month we've been to the Medieval market in Remeringhausen for the first time. In the last years we haven't been there as we were on the festival mediaval. So we were very curious to see how it is. We only know the MPS from Bückeburg, which we skipped in the last years as it got too expensive. Remeringhausen was much cheaper.

Well, I liked most bands, but it was very much irish and scottish music. But that was okay for us as we were sad that we couldn't join the Festival Medieval this year, which had a irish and scottish special. So we saw Rapalje, the Kilkenny band and heard some from far away. We also saw Saltatio Mortis, but I won't tell anything about it, I don't like them.. But I guess some of you might know that. ;) Rapalje was great and I was surprised that their cds were very cheap, so we were able to buy two new ones. :) Their evening concert was also very nice.

The location is nice for a medieval market. I have to say that I've never been to Remeringhausen, also  if I grew up not far from there. They have a lot of green and romantic places. 

And the stalls were okay. They had a lot of different stalls and the food was okay. At least it wasn't as expensive as on the Castlefest. 

I guess, if we won't go to the Festival Mediaval next year, we'll join this market again. Bückeburg is too big and expensive. This is okay for me.

Mail Art

I always wanted to start with mail art. So I wrote down my addy on the blog and group "Mail me some art". And in the last weeks I received some lovely cards from mail artist from the US.

And yesterday I finally made some postcards for them. :) I hope they'll like them. If you ever want to make a mail art swap with, just tell me. :) What do you think of my mail art?

Montag, 8. September 2014

Rockfest 2014

Oh, yeah, my first metal festival is over some weeks now. Well, I always avoided big festivals with only metal music. I love metal music, but maybe it is a prejudice, but as a female on a metal festival it is not like funny as a male. ;) I need clean toilets. Yes, I'm a princess in that way. I thought a small festival won't be that bad and I got the tickets as a anniversary gift, so I went on the Rockfest in Herford. The line-up sounded interesting, but as it was coldest weekend in summer and the weather forecast said it will rain most of the time, we decided to go there later. But this later became much later as we drove into a 8 km traffic jam. Argh!
So we arrived when Caliban was already playing. I liked them. It was the first time I saw them live.

The next band was Life of Agony. Hehe, when I got to know that they are playing there, I was like "They still exist?" Guess everyone thought that in that moment. So I wondered how they'll be. And they played all good songs. But I was standing there, always thinking, if that's really Keith Caputo. I thought it was a woman. But Volker told me, yes, it is Keith. Back home I found out, that he became a female "Mina Caputo". So both of us were right. But I liked the show, even if I thought that many didn't like their show.

Then there was Airbourne playing. I've never heard that band. My first thought, they sound a little bit like AC/DC. In that time we were looking for some food. I was surprised to see vegan food as well (hehe, metalheads are not vegan in my mind, but then I remember all the hardcore fans ;) ).

After Airbourne there were Amon Amarth. It was also the first time that I saw them. And so far I only listened to some of there songs and not really intensely. I need to give them a try now. ;) I liked their show.

While Machine Head were building up their stage, it started to rain heavily. You can see us. ;)

And then there was Machine Head. One of my fave bands. It took me 15 years to see them for the first time (they only went on tour in winter or when I was pregnant in 7+ months), so I was veeeery excited to see them for the first time. And I liked the show so much. I couldn't tell you anymore, which songs they played, but I thought it was just too short (70 min or a bit more). I really need to see a normal concert of them one day. :)

All in all, it was a really nice festival, even if the toilets weren't perfect. We met some old friends and just had fun enjoying the bands.

Vacation in the Netherlands

After the Castlefest we spent some more vacation days in the Netherlands. We got a really good camping site which was very clean (Camping op hoop van Zegen). And we were lucky to have some very friendly neighbors on the camping site. :)
Our days we mostly spent at the beach in Noordwijk aan Zee or we were bicycling around Noordwijk. We were driving through some dunes, we were at the Oosterduinse Meer and we visited the cities Noordwijkerhout and Voorhout. It is very easy to go bicycling in that region, esp. if you are coming from a part of Germany, where there are some little mountains. And as we haven't used the bike for many years, it was way to start with it again.
Of course we explored the cities with geocaching. :) Here in Hameln it is much harder to explore the nature around with a bike, if you haven't driven a bike for some years.
Here you can see some pics of it:

Noordwijk aan Zee
Noordwijk aan Zee

Building sand castles

Bicycling through the dunes

The Dunes

Bicycling through the canals

A geocache

Walking to a geocache

Fynn in the tree at a geocache

That one was easy

Which stone is it? Do you know it?

Here we needed water again.. :)