Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Creative weekend

This weekend I was busy writing letters (yeah, I got to "0", this has never happed this year) and I made some atcs for a pal in the Netherlands. This time we thought of taking the themes "purple + black", "Valentines Day" (yes, I know I'm very late with that :( ) and "Supernatural". As our printer doesn't work in the moment, we really need a new one, I had some problems with the theme Supernatural.. how can I make it without printed pictures. If you know the series, what do you think, would you know that this is a "Supernatural" atc?
As you might have heard, I want to start an atc yahoo group with my pal? Who would be interested in it? I think I'll make it concrete in the next few weeks. It has been ages since I runned my own last yahoo group. 

Montag, 4. März 2013

Meeting rats and cockroaches

We had such lovely weather this weekend and today. It was cold but we had so much sunshine. At the weekend we visited our first medieval faire for this year. It was the "Mystica Hamelon" in Hameln. And I must say, that I liked even more than the last years. :D
Okay, we only walked over the faire without eating or drinking anything, but we heard some nice music (one of the musicians was an old friend of us, we never expected to see again) and the stalls were really nice. But they didn't need the pirates again.

As it was such nice weather today again we decided to make a little geocaching this late afternoon. Said and done, we found 5 caches. :D Two of them had something to do with animals. In one cache was cockroach (iiihhhh) and in another was rat which was really hard to touch. It felt strange, but it was a really nice kind of cache. It was in hole in the path, like a hole in the canalization. But it wasn't. Two of the caches were a part of a forest round, which we'll end hopefully this month, too.