Freitag, 22. November 2013

Busy bees in November

The last days we were very busy when it comes to decoration or making cookies. So I haven't found any time to make an atc (sad, but true). I already miss it. But the result of our christmas cookies will help with it. Lots of sweet nice cookies like cinnamon snakes, kind of Lebkuchen cookies, snow caps with chocolate, ... This year we've mostly tried new cookies (I found a nice receipe book in the grocery store for only 2,20 € for 150 receipes).

And of course I started to decorate our flat. As we have a new shelf, I needed some decorations to put in, so I went to Depot. They really have great stuff. Volker was there, too, and he wondered why I hadn't the basket full after 20 min. I could have bought everything, but I had to stop myself, so I only bought two nice candle glasses and some nice stuff for our candle holder. :) I cannot wait to put all our lights on after this next weekend. :)

Day 2
And of course I also made some crafting things, but those are not very special I bought myself a new book "One zentangle a day". Sure, I cannot make it everyday, but I want to make pictures of my "daily" zentangle and want to show it here. May one or two of you would like to start with this great hobby, too. :) Or maybe I already infected someone with zentangles?  For those zentangles I'll
only took a notebook to draw in. It should become my workbook.

Day 1
I also made two holders, one for my zentangles and one for atcs. Now I can take those everywhere. Well, the ATC holder should be a bit bigger, so that more ATCs can fit in, but I only had a 1 cm smaller piece of paper, so it'll be used a bit different.

And lately I ordered some nice stuff like ink pads from Tim Holtz, rubberstamps and stationary. Look what I got today. :D Bought at (right one) and (left one).

Montag, 11. November 2013

New look of our menu

This morning I tried to make one of my projects which I found on Pinterest. As we always have a food list for the whole week and I normally write it on a normal white paper every week, I decided to make this list from Pinterest. And this is the result. Well, normally the ingredients should be written on the back, but that would have taken too long to write down. But I like how it is looking. What do you think. Well, maybe I should have chosen another colour for the days background, a uni colour..

Sonntag, 10. November 2013

ATCs in November part 3

Today I made more ATCs. This time I mostly drawed them. The one with the moustache was from a magazine and I overdrawed it as well as the sheep. I'm happy with the result of the woman with the moustache. What do you think? And which one do you like most?

Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

November ATCs part 2

Yeah, seems I'm very busy with making ATCs these days. :) Well, maybe because I joined so much swaps lately and in the one group we want to send an extra christmas atc with our swaps. ;) And I finally introduced myself in an ATC group at facebook. I'm so happy that some of them wanted my ATCs that I haven't traded yet.

I also looked for more techniques these days. In my own group I want to make a "4 techniques" swap which should include 4 different techniques on each ATC. I guess it won't be so easy for me, too, as I don't want to make another rubberstamped atc. Today I made so many of them. ;)

These are the whimsical ATCs

These are some of the ATCs that I made the last days. How do you like them? I also made 3 ATCs for a "whimsical" swap. Do you think they are whimsical? Or should I try something else?

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

ATCs in November part 1

el dia de los muertos
well, a fairy..
The last few weekends I was creative again and made some more ATCs. This time I mostly draw them myself. I know I'm not very good at drawing, but I REALLY would like to know your opinion on my ATCs.


Everything in red

Autumn zentangle

These are still available, if someone want to trade them: