Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Geocaching in autumn 2014

!!!Attention!!! if you want to do the Aliens Cache in Gehrden, you shouldn't read this post

So this year we made another geocaching tour on 3rd October. :) We had so great weather. We decided to make a tour in Gehrden as there is a cache with a lot of favourite points which we wanted to try out. The cache decription was already very nice. It has a youtube-video. So we tried it.
At the first stage we already had some problems as I didn't look at the hint. So we were searching and searching. And by mistake we found the second stage. ;) All the other stages that were following were really nice (I don't want to describe all of them, maybe one of you would like to make it). Before we went to the final stage, we made a break and there I finally saw the hint for the first stage and guess what, we found it immediatly. ;) After some cake and cookies, we went to the final and were searching and searching again. But we didn't find anything. Then we met some other geocachers, who wanted to look for the final as well. And they were lucky. :) These are some of the stations and the final:



After this Multi, which was only ~500 m long, we decided to make the round in the forest. It had around ~13 caches which were all different. After the first one we found a lovely scary little cemetary. It looked so magical. :) So Fynn and I had to make a lot of pictures there.

All the other caches were nice hidden. And one was very good. Sadly we found the extra stage before we have found the real cache. Normally you should have noticed in the cache, that you need a key for the logbook (we found the key first). And to get the key, you needed two elastic tapes and with a hole and a little wooden stick (which were in the cache), you would have found the tree with the key. :) That was so much fun. We have still tried it even if we had the key. ;)

It was a very nice geocaching and now I only need to find 69 more for my cache 1000. :)

And some little autumn pictures:

Trying: Crocheting

Yeah, finally I tried crocheting. I haven't done that for ages. In elementary school we learnt it, but then I forgot how to do it. In the last time it got so popular. My sister makes hats, other friends are making little animals and some penpals also create little things. And then I saw some lovely bracelets made with crocheting at my mother.
So finally (after a lot of months) I finally sat down for 2 hours and tried to make my first own bracelet. You have to remember it is just the first try.. ;) But I like the result. I didn't take wool for it but fabric remnants.. :) How do you like it? What are you crocheting? And which kind if things do you like made with it?