Montag, 14. Mai 2012

My first own cache

Today I prepared everything for my first cache. It'll be an easy one. If this goes well, then we want to try to make others as well. :) The name is Brandywehl-Brücke. It is not far from our home and I often go there. Okay, the bridge is not really called Brandywehl, but I think that would be a nice name. Can you tell me, which bridge I have taken for it? You may already have seen it. I cannot wait until the cache is published and the first person will find it. Who will it be?


  1. Geocaching is one thing I've never done but it sounds cool :D
    Brandywehl reminds me of... Brandywine... :D

  2. ha, thats why I have taken the name.. it sounds a bit similar to it..