Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Vogelparadies and Slams

Yesterday we went geocaching with Sabrina and Ramon again. :) We normally wanted to a South Seas-Cache, but there was a triathlon yesterday, so we had to take another. It was "Vogelparadies" (bird paradise) and had 7 stations. At every station we had some numbers which we had to take for a calculation. Everything was easy and we had no problem to find the box. I put the "Thordis Geo-Diary" into it, but there was nothing interesting in it, mostly trash. :(

On the way we surprisingly met a friend of my sister. There were not many people around and it was very quiet, so it was really a big surprise to meet them there. ;) The pictures were made at the tour. After that multi Sabrina showed us another cache, which we easily found. :)

And these are the slams, that I made lately inspired by the weekend in Berlin. I think I'll make some more in the future, when I have more labels. I also decided that I'll join some swaps in slambase. :) 

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Berlin, Berlin

Some girls of the swappers meeting!
Last weekend we were in Berlin. There we were on a swappers meeting. We were around 30 people from everywhere in Europe. :) And it was so great to see all those ladies from the slam swapping world. Now I'm more infected into slam swapping. In the last months I didn't swap so much. I can remember times when I swapped decos, that I had hundreds of them lying here on my craft table.

But back to Berlin. It was a good mix of this meeting and sightseeing. And I guess you know what we have done, too? Yes, geocaching. We have found some nice caches (under a giraffe, under a duck,..), but we were also watched at one all the time, because they thought we would break into a museum. Hey, we only watched at a wall at night! But it was only the wrong day for us, as the museum was open at that night. I left some trackables in the caches. And now I hope they'll go on moving fast. :D

Team Gyldenale with the duck
It was a really great weekend which will hopefully be next year, too. For the slam swappers who'll read this maybe, I'm still looking for slam swappers outside Germany (in the moment I have only German/Austrian swappers).