Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

New year, new start, new flat

Time was flying lately and we were so busy. Last year, we decided to move back to my parents house. But that was big plan. There was a lot to do in the new flat. We had to remove wallpapers, had to make a new door and had to renovate a lot. We were making all these things from October last year to February. Here you can see the changes in our flat a bit. Sadly I haven't made so many pictures of the old flat.

I was also very busy with painting furnitures. I painted all our Billy shelves from Ikea and I turned all furnitures into shabby chic. These are the results:

And we had to buy a new kitchen. We decided to buy one from Ikea. My father and Volker had fun building it up and I think it looks quite nice. :)

And these are some pictures of our flat now:

Can you remember the pic how it looked before?
Thordis room

What do you think of our new flat. I try to do it in shabby chic. Sadly our bathroom doesn't look like it, really. And the other two rooms are too much chaos at the moment to make a picture, but I'll show it to you in the next weeks as well. ;)

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