Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Envelopes in another design and the start of a yahoo group

Lately I looked in the in the Internet for some nice ideas for art. On that way I also bought myself a new book for ATCs which hopefully will arrive in the next few days. And while I ordered this book I found out about another kind of art which made me really interested. It is Zentangle®. I already tried it for some envelopes that I made. :) Does anybody of you already knew about it and make those little pictures?

And I created my first own ATC group with Saskia, a pal of me. If you are interested in ATCs and would like to join us there, you are more than welcome. We are still at the beginning and could need new members. Here is the Link to it: Magical ATCs

Hopefully not our last geocaching day

Last weekend before the big rain we made a last tour with our GPS.. It has some problems to run correctly and no it is on the way to get repaired. I hope we'll get it back soon.
The little geocaching tour we made near Hastenbeck this time. All caches weren't very hard to find. But the last one was a bit more difficult. You had to move a little ball through a maze to get the logbook. That was a nice idea.
I hope this wasn't our last cache. If you go geocaching what kind of GPS do you use? Ours still had a guarantee, but I don't know if we'll get it back.

Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Pentecost geocaching year 2

Volker is climbing in the tree
This year we didn't had so much luck with geocaching on these holidays.. :( Yesterday we planned the geocaching tour for Fynns birthday. It is about 6 km long and we planned 11 stations (for 11 years). When we planned all places I found out that another owner of a mystery cache placed some stages on the same places, so we had to go this round today.

Volker at the final
First we made three mysteries we solved last night. They were easy to find. Volker was climbing a bit ;) oh and not to forget, we hadn't so much luck with the weather. It was very wet (in the morning it was raining for a long time) and there were a lot of ticks running. I guess we had around 20 ticks on our clothes and Volker had one under his socks. I hate ticks!!! Well, more about the geocache.

Thordis using the GPS.. ;)
The mystery we had to do had 9 stations. The first 7 were very easy to make. But the way to stage 8 was very steep and muddy, so it wasn't easy with the stroller. And we searched for the stage for about 30 minutes. :( No luck and no hint from other cachers helped. :( But we got the finale coordinated from them, so we'd know the last stage. Now we know that we have to delete 3 of the stages we had planned, but I already found new places. :D

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Envelopes and bookmarks

Lately I recognized that I really need new envelopes. Well, some I created of old pages of a gothic magazine (with steampunk), but those already went out, so I can't make pics of it. But I also used my rubberstamps again and made some envelopes again. This is the result, (which one do you like most? I like the geisha one):

And I also made some bookmarks myself. If you'd like to have one for yourself, please tell me.. I still have some more colours left. How do you like them?

Geocaching in April and May

I didn't post anything for a while now. Maybe it was, because we were geoaching so much lately. ;) This April was my best month ever. I found 60 caches in April. We had some really nice rounds, like a fairytale round, some multis in Bodenwerder, more caches in Bad Pyrmont and some multis through a forest close to Hameln. The one that I liked most was a "submarine", it was in a little river and as it is early in spring, it was also under water. Sadly some "geocachers" (kids and their parents) took the logbook with them. But it was good that there was an extra logbook for those who couldn't sign in the submarine. Here you can see some of the geocaches we have found:

the submarine
that was the extra logbook
that one was very easy to find