Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Geocaching on Halloween

Last weekend we were in Loccum and tried to find some caches. A cache that was there was called "Ghost town" and it looked like a ghost town. I never knew that there was a place like that. Maybe it was a childrens summer camp some years ago. Even if we needed a flashlight (and we had none with us) we found the cache. Sometime a camera is helpful.

Today we went geocaching again. We had very nice weather, cold, but sunny. We made the "Berkelwood" round near Hameln. All caches have something to do with movies. And every cache (all traditionals) had a question which you needed for the Bonus. Sadly we couldn't find every cache. :( But the round is really worth to see. The questions were all easy and all stations had great ideas.

Luckily I have a friend who gave me a hint for the Bonus, with that and the hint of the Bonus we found it. And I must say, it was the best cache I've ever found. :) I don't want to tell more, maybe someone want to look for that, too. But I'll add a picture. Maybe you know what it means, maybe you don't.

October impressions

Last weekend we had such a beautiful morning that I made some photos of the nature outside. It was very cold that morning.

Our first night cache

I forgot to post this cache. This was our first night cache and it was so nice. :) We made it with friends and my sister and her boyfriend. It was the night cache close to our home. We had great weather so it wasn't very cold.
We found every stage very easy except station 3. We seemed to look at the right place but couldn't find it. :( I was happy that the owner called me to tell us, that we would find the final without this station. I can say the way was really difficult. It had terrain 4 of 5 and it needed the 4. Sometimes there was an abyss close to the path, so every step had to made carefully. And some paths were very steeply and at some of these paths were muddy. Some of us fell badly. :( But we all made it to the final.

The final was great. There was a combination lock so not everyone can open it. We were proud to find our first night cache and I hope some more will follow. :) And I can say, that was my number 400.

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Geocaching in the golden season

Hm, seems I forgot to post something lately. Like my penpalling and reading I have no time for a update of my blog. But here we go.
On the 3rd Oct (the National holiday in Germany) I went geocaching with Team Gyldenale. My boys were in cinema. We made a multi cache in Fischbeck. On the first km it was easy to make with a pram, but later it got really hard. Especially the way back, Ramon had to take the pram and I took Thordis to get back on the path. The multi lead us into a forest. I think it was the biggest cache I've ever found. It was hidden in the ground. You can see a little bit on the picture. Sadly we were surprised by a lot of rain on our way back. We got totally wet. :( But when the sun came out again we tried to find some more caches. :)

On another weekend we tried to do a multi in Tündern. But at both caches we had problems. :( At the first one we need a better UV lamp and at the other cache we couldn't find the station 2. At least we have found 2 traditionals on our way. Here is a rat where a cache was hidden. :) Normal for Hameln ;)

And this last weekend we were at friends near Kassel. As we don't have the souvenir for "Hessen" yet, we tried to find at least one cache. We made a trip to the Sababurg. It is the castle of sleeping beauty. ;) There is also a zoo where we could have made two multis. We took the shorter one. It was a nice little round and we have found it in the end. I was happy that the weather was good. The weather forecast said it should be worse. So we had a lot of luck. The other day we took a little walk in Ahnatal and found 3 more little cache. I'm getting nearer to the "400".. Only 2 caches left. ;)

Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Shared labels

Yesterday I decided to make some new selfmade labels. I wanted especially ones with one of my swappers. And today I made some with Anja, Karina, Anthi and Anja+Anthi. I really hope they'll like them. Here is a pic of them. I know you couldn't see it well. If anyone else is still interested in shared labels, tell me. I'd love to make some.

Fairytale geocaching

Last week I made a really nice tour with Yvonne and Fynn near Afferde. It was a fairytale round and every cache had something to do with a fairytale. It was the first time that Yvonne was geocaching and I really hope she'll make it again one day. The tour was great. The owner had made all caches very beautiful. In my opinion the "Sleeping beauty" cache was the nicest. But there were also Frog king, 7 dwarfs (which was funny to see), Rapunzel and a lot other.. :) I also liked the border stone to the fairytale land which they made themself. :) This tour is mostly for families and the kids will have a lot of fun.