Montag, 9. September 2013

Festival Mediaval 2013 - Nordic Special

This last weekend we've been to Selb to the Mediaval Festival..This year they had a "Nordic" special, so many great bands played those days.
First we saw Omnia. It was our first concert of them. They often played at placed nearby, but we always thought, "we'll see them again this year" but then we didn't go there. And last year we had to drive home just before their concert. So this was our first concert. It was really great. They played some songs that we didn't know (we don't have all cds). But it was a great atmosphere. :D


The second band was Faun. As you might have heard I wasn't happy about their new cd (which sounds like german folk-pop). But I always wanted to give them a chance. The acoustic concert in April was already great, but I haven't heard a normal concert since they published their cd. So it was afraid they could play many new songs on their concert. But the total opposite happened. They only played one song of the new cd and the others were so great, many of my fave songs "Rhiannon", "Iyansa" and the great "Wind & Geige" which I haven't heard for a while in their concerts. And not to forget "Iduna" which I've never heard on a concert before. For me it was the best concert ever. Was it because of my expactations? I don't know..

The next day we saw Oliver Satyr with the new project "Kauna". Sadly there was no cd existing otherwise I would have bought it. They played swedish/nordic folk. :D

Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine
Then we saw Dandelion Wine, a band from Australia. Hm, the music is hard to decribe. It was kind of medieval with electro. It was a bit strange, but at the end I liked it and was a bit sad that I didn't buy a cd. The funny was the female member, before the show you could vote for some weeks, which hair colour she should have at the concert. You can see the result.

The singer of Euzen and Omnia

After that show we saw Euzen. Well, this year we liked many bands. Euzen are from Denmark and they also made a great concert. It sounds a bit like Björk in my ears. ;) Normally I don't like that kind of music, but this band I can recommand. We've also bought the cd, but the concert was much better, esp. the beats and atmosphere (sadly they didn't play in the night, the concert would have been even more better).

Poeta Magica with Saga
In the evening the first band we saw was "Poeta Magica". They have changed so much since we last saw them (in 2003). They made music to the islandic saga "Edda". The ensemble exist of 9 people (including a narrator). First I thought it was a bit for a concert with chairs. But after this thought it completely changed and we saw a mix of a medieval/rock-legend. :D I wish there would be a dvd on this concert.

Emma Härdelin
The best concert of the whole weekend was in front of us. -GARMARNA- I guess I've never been that curious before of a concert. The soundcheck was already great (they played one complete song) and yeah, the concert. I cannot tell it. The band haven't played a concert for around 12 years in Germany and it was the only one for past and future. They played songs like "Herr Mannelig", "Vänner och frände", "Herr Holger" and many more great songs. They also played a "new" song. Well, it wasn't new as it was written many years ago for a new cd, but it was new to the fans. And I was surprised that the other band members (I only knew Emma Härdelin from a Triakel concert before) were so much "rocking". ;) It was a big fun to see them perform on the stage. I really hope they'll make a new cd and more concerts in the future. I will never forget this concert. :D

The last day we saw some more bands like Cara, little of BerlinskiBeat (didn't know that those are the members of Corvus Corax),..
And we saw "Strömkarlen", who also played folk music from the North. They were calmer than the other bands that played that weekend, but still very nice.

And in the evening our last band of the festival were "Valravn". It was their last concert and they play pagan folk with electronic beats. It was something else than I had expected here, too. But some music was nice, so I bought one of their cds as well. ;)

I can say that I liked this festival even more than the one last year (which is because of the wonderful concerts of Faun and Garmarna). I saw many interesting bands and so many different people. This year it wasn't so authentic like the last year. It was a mix of hippies, medieval, normal and fantasy people. ;) The food smelled nice, unfortunately I couldn't eat a lot of it because of my gall bladder. But this bad topic will be hopefully over as I'll get a surgery next week. :D 
The first time Volker told me to buy something.. wooden rubberstamps.. :D

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