Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Medieval faire at the "Sparrenburg"

Yesterday we've been the first time to the medieval faire at the "Sparrenburg" in Bielefeld. We have tried it nearly 8 years, but we never went there. In some years it was too hot or there was another faire on the same date. Yesterday we finally managed it to go there and we had a lot of fun. We only had Thordis with us as Fynn is on holiday at my parents-in-law. The faire was really nice. It was around the castle and there were a lot of stalls. You could eat so much and also buy a lot of things. It was cheap for all those things (only 5 €). But we had luck that we drove there really early (12 o'clock). We wanted to drive home at 15 o'clock there were soooo many people visiting the medieval faire.
The only bad thing is the hill. ;) Why are castles built on hills ;) It was really difficult with pram as the ways were very steeply. But Volker is strong. ;) And I also saw a tablet weaving frame. So after our holidays in Denmark I have a new project to make this tablet weaving frame.

Caching in July

This month we were geocaching a bit.
One weekend we were in Emmerke at a cousins meeting and I was asking if the younger people liked to go geocaching a bit. So we walked through the fields and found 2 caches there. :) We had a fun time and we saw a wonderful sunfall. Here you can see the path in the field.

And one day we made a 21 caches tour at the Mittellandkanal near Hespe. It is called MLK-Tour. We made the tour with the team Gyldenale. We walked about 8 km and it took us nearly 6 hrs to find everything. Sadly it rained a bit, but we had lots of fun. The caches were all different and there were a lot ideas. The cache I liked the most was a fluete. We had to close the holes of a pipe and then we had to fill in water to get the cache. That is such a great idea. This is the pic of it.

Another nice cache was the treasure chest. It was made with a lot of work and it looked so nice. :D I wish I had such a treasure chest. Really nice idea.

For one cache Volker and Ramon had to climb a bit. And we also visited a TB-hotel on that day which is a really great idea. It was on private ground.

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Multis and Art

Today I was geocaching with someone I've never met before. We only knew us through emails as I once discovered their car. :) And today we decided to go geocaching together for the first time and it was so much fun. I've found 3 traditional that she already had, but together we managed to complete two multi caches. They were taking us at places we've never been before or I saw so many times, but never really realized them. Here you can see some places where we've been. :)

And in the morning while I was waiting to go into town, I draw this picture. I saw a link to this kind of drawing yesterday on facebook and it was such a nice idea that I had to try it. And this is the result. I'm not a good drawer but this was kind of fun and easy. :D

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Everything is on paper

Today I decided to make some more pages in the journal. :) Here you can see the results:

And today I have visited the cache that I have made. I changed the paper in it. And I wanted to see if everything is still okay. This is the logbook. 49 people have found the cache so far (including a friend of Fynn who seemed to have written his name, too). Thats so great after 1 1/2 months. :)

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

My start to wreck my journal

Last month I bought the book "Wreck this journal". Today I started to make the first things. In the book there are different pages how to destroy the book, make something creative or you can do things you'll always wanted to do with a book. I made some easy fast pages together with Fynn (who wants his own book ;) ). Here you can see the result.

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Jam and Geo

Omg, my last post is really long ago. Seems I have to write again, but nothing really much happened lately as I was mostly writing letters.
Last Saturday we tried to find a cache in my homevillage. It was a multi and I got some help of users, that already found the cache. My problem was to get the right hex code of pink. Well, I got the right coordinates and we tried to find it with my sister and her boyfriend. But there was nothing. :( I hope we can log it anyway as the geocacher before were allowed to log it, too, as they had sent a photo with it. There should be normally here:

And today I made some strawberry-gooseberry jam and gooseberry jam. :) Yummy! I cannot wait to eat it. I already had made some other jam, strawberry and rhubarb. But I think some more will follow as I absolutly love berries. ;)