Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Geocaching in the golden season 2013

and again we needed water
This last public holiday we were geocaching again with Sabrina and Ramon (Team Gyldenale).
We made a round around the Doktorsee in Rinteln. It has 21 normal caches and one bonus. Well, I can say the difficulty of the caches was chosen a bit too high for the difficulty outside. I expected even more harder caches to find. But they were quite easy to find. But they also had some nice ideas which I want to show you here. The bonus was a bit harder. I guess we made something wrong during the tour (we had to count spots on ladybugs). Maybe we haven't seen one spot, so the coordinates got wrong. We looked at two different places but had no luck. I was happy that I have a friend that already found the bonus, so I called her and she helped us a bit. It would have been sad if we drove without finding that one. It was a mailbox with place for TBs and Coins. :D

The biggest logbook in Schaumburg
The Bonus
Hm, I called this one geocaching in the golden season, well, the leaves are not very golden here yet, but we had great weather, blue sky, but very cold wind. ;) Looking forward to go geocaching more this month. The last month we really had no time for it because of my hospital stay and of course August was full of caches this year as we made the "31 days of geocaching". We found one cache each day. :D

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