Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Medieval faire at the "Sparrenburg"

Yesterday we've been the first time to the medieval faire at the "Sparrenburg" in Bielefeld. We have tried it nearly 8 years, but we never went there. In some years it was too hot or there was another faire on the same date. Yesterday we finally managed it to go there and we had a lot of fun. We only had Thordis with us as Fynn is on holiday at my parents-in-law. The faire was really nice. It was around the castle and there were a lot of stalls. You could eat so much and also buy a lot of things. It was cheap for all those things (only 5 €). But we had luck that we drove there really early (12 o'clock). We wanted to drive home at 15 o'clock there were soooo many people visiting the medieval faire.
The only bad thing is the hill. ;) Why are castles built on hills ;) It was really difficult with pram as the ways were very steeply. But Volker is strong. ;) And I also saw a tablet weaving frame. So after our holidays in Denmark I have a new project to make this tablet weaving frame.


  1. Warum Burgen wohl immer auf Hügeln sind, hihi.

    Also wie gesagt, ich fand Manchester an sich wirklich toll, aber es gab halt echt wenig zu sehen. Ich glaube, eine ganze Woche lang dort ist schwer mit Beschäftigungen auszufüllen. ;)

  2. ja, eine Woche war damals definitiv nicht für sightseeing.. ;) aber abends hatten wir ne menge spass.. eigentlich hatten wir uns damals gesagt, auf jeden fall nochmal hinzufahren, um dort einen abend zu verbringen, aber das wird nun wohl min. nochmal 16 jahre warten müssen.. ;)