Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Geocaching in late spring

We also made some geocaching tours in May/June. Here are some impressions what we have seen during our trips.

Here we made a multi with 5 stations. The puzzles in the stations were much fun to solve. :) And sometimes we thought we were wrong. We also made a longer tour out of it as we walked some paths and found out that there were other stations on it. ;) But it was still a lot of fun.

Another day (on fathers day) we made a two multis in Schwalenberg. It is a very nice historical town. In that multi you had to find things on the walk through the city. As I still have problems with my Achilles tendon I hoped that the final was in the town, but we had to go into a close forest (~2 km). First I was afraid I was wrong as we couldn't find anything. But after falling bad (because of all this mud), hurting the left hand very bad, we found the cache. I never wanted to be out of a forest so fast. ;) But we still wanted to do another multi there. In the description was written, that there was a café. So we hoped for some warm coffee and tea (it was only around 10°C that day). But the location of the other cache was more like a lost place. ;) But still it showed us some nice view points over the little town. :)

And the last geocaching tour was with team Gyldenale. ;) We wanted to make 8 km round on Pentecoast. Well, we made the first 5 caches (of 17), but then we returned to our cars as it was just too hot (over 30 °C). So we looked for the caches with the car. At some places we parked 100-150 m far from the cache and then we walked there. Most of them were hidden very easy, but at one cache we had to look over 20 minutes. :( At least we found it. 

After finding 16 caches, we only had the mystery in front of us. After solving some riddles (which was hard at two of them as well), we found the cache of the mystery close to a path which we already passed by looking for one of the first 5 caches. But we found it. :) And after the caching tour we really needed a barbecue and some beer. ;)

Medieval market in Rahden

Yesterday we were at the medieval market in Rahden. There is a museum of some old houses. So it was just a perfect location for a medieval market. Sadly we were there alone as nobody was interested in that market. But we slipped into our medieval dresses and spent some hours there. They had some delicious food. I tried the feta in bread, we skipped the meat this time as we wanted to make a barbecue in the evening.

Some of the stalls we already knew from markets in Vlotho and Schaumburg. But as we haven't been to the market in Vlotho for such a long time, they were new to us again. ;) I bought some new soaps (Calendula and Verbena). We also wanted to buy an elf or fairy for Thordis, but they were very expensive. Guess that will be one of my new projects. I want to make a fairy out of felt. I have the feeling that they got very popular lately. They are too cute, what do you think?

Only bad point was one of taverns. First we asked what kind of beer it is (and they couldn't really tell) and then they never came back to us to ask what we want to drink. Six women were standing there and 5 of them doing nothing. Why should we scream at them to get a drink when they have nothing to do. So we went to another tavern.

But still it was a very nice market. And I especially liked the one band that was playing there "Waldkauz". They played pagan folk and reminded me a lot on Faun or Omnia. ;) I don't know if they are selling a cd, I need to find out.
So I hope that we can go there again next year, too. :)

Weekend in the North 2014

This May we spent another week at our friends close to Norddeich. This time we had not a lot of wind and it was just perfect. We arrived in the evening on Friday.

On Saturday we thought of visiting the island Langeoog. And we were not the only ones. ;) The ferry to the island was very full and we didn't get a seat. Langeoog is a small island in the Wadden Sea. On the island there are no cars allowed (only used by a doctor and fire brigade). When we arrived to the island, there was a little train which took us to the little town. From there it wasn't very far to get to the beach. It was so lovely and relaxing to sit in the sand and enjoying weather. The water wasn't very cold (sadly we only could go into the water with the feet as we had no bathing suits with us).
We also tried to look for two caches on the island, but we only found one. ;)

Some of our time on Langeoog we spent in the little town, eating icecream and drinking a beer. ;) It was such a perfect day.

The other day our friends first took us to the windmills of Greetsiel. As they also started geocaching we also looked for some caches there. We ate some delicious fish sandwiches and I was able to make a photo of the windmills. Sadly one of them got destroyed last year during a heavy storm.

After those windmills we visited the lighthouse in Pilsum. It is famous since it was the home of a comedian (Otto) in a movie in the 80ies. There was also a mystery cache. Part of the cache was to make a photo in front of the lighthouse with something typical for Otto or a pic of the Ottifanten. This is our result. The cache was 700 m far from it and we had to walk through a lot of sheeps. ;)

After this little geocaching tour we drove back home. It was such a lovely weekend. :)