Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Pentecost geocaching

Fynn had to go on a childrens birthday party yesterday and we decided to take that free time for another caching tour. This time it was too hot. :( We found at least 5 caches, but mostly with only short stops, no long walks. :( And the nettles are really horrible in the moment. They were too high and most caches were in these nettles, that we decided to visit those again in winter. No way! My hand still hurts a bit. We found one great but scary cache. It was in a channel under the street and masked as a spider. ;) Not really for us, but Volker found it.

Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Gyldenales wedding cache

Yesterday we were on the wedding party of Sabrina and Ramon. As both are geocachers, we decided to make the present as a cache. We decorated a box for a wedding, but also with geocaching things. The logbook was made out of the money and we also put in a sheet of paper. On this one they found a Unknown cache made for them. We asked some questions about USA and Germany. And if they can answer them right, they can find another box at these coordinates. If this is going well, we want to make the cache official.

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Trackables are ready

Yesterday we were in the city of Hameln and we bought some cute little toys for our travelbugs. :) Now we have some Trackables, that can move on in Berlin. :D The sheep is "Lenny the sheep", thats Fynns travelbug. The wolf is "Hjalmar the wolf" and it is my travelbug. The book is for Thordis, it should work like a moving log diary. :) Thordis got the travelbug from Sabrina and Ramon. Maybe one day the book will come home and Thordis can read the entries. That would be really great.
Hjalmar the wolf
Thordis Geo-Diary
Lenny the sheep

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Books for my project

These are the books, that I bought to start my projects:

But before I start the first things I really need to buy material for it. My first tries with the bags will be with the clothes that we have still here. And if I can do them, I want to take new bought clothes. :)

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

The Cache is published

On Friday night our first cache Brandywehl-Brücke was published. Until 7 people incl. Fynn found the Cache. I know it was easy for everyone, but I think they liked it as the posts were not worse. ;) We also got a fave point. :) I think it'll be the first and last one, but it is great. Maybe we got it for the nice place where we have hidden it.

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Fathers day geocaching

On fathers day we were geocaching again. This time with Karsten. It was a multi with 7 stations and a final and everything had to do with pirates.

We always wondered what we'll find next. It took us 4 hours, but with a pram and many breaks, it is normal. ;) Two times we were really blind and couldn't see the cache. But we found them. And the calculation at the end made problems, but that was my fault as I gave the wrong number to a letter. It wasn't so easy to hide our searching as many groups of teens were hiking in the forest, too.

On fathers day the teens are hiking and drinking alcohol, so we always had to be back on the path when we heard them.

And the final was really nice. It was in a valley. :) We didn't know that something like that is in the forest. Now we know where we can put down our caches. We'll only make traditionals now, as we have already this and a night cache here in the forest. No more multis.

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

My first braid

Today I tried to make my first selfmade braid. Well, it doesn't look really good, but it helped a lot to understand everything. At the end it got more and more better. I made the fault to take two different kind of wools, one was thinner than the other. :( Thats why you couldn't see the pattern very well. But Fynn still want this one for his medieval dress. ;) And I think I should take thinner wool.
The result

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Tablets are ready

I've read the description about tablet weaving in the last hour. And now I cannot wait to start making my first braid. :) But I have to wait until tomorrow. If you want to read about it, here is the link:  Flinkhand - Brettchenweben But it is only written in German.
My first tablets
Here you can see my first tablets. They are made out of game cards. :) It was very easy and if you only want to try it first, it is a possibility to make it cheap. :) Have you ever tried weaving or tablet weaving? Or do you want to try it?

My first own cache

Today I prepared everything for my first cache. It'll be an easy one. If this goes well, then we want to try to make others as well. :) The name is Brandywehl-Brücke. It is not far from our home and I often go there. Okay, the bridge is not really called Brandywehl, but I think that would be a nice name. Can you tell me, which bridge I have taken for it? You may already have seen it. I cannot wait until the cache is published and the first person will find it. Who will it be?

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Sugar shock

And here are the fruit baiser made by Fynn and Volker.. Now we all have a sugar shock, but they looked great. :)

Mothers day caching

Well, today is mothers day in Germany and I was surprised by my men with a flower bouquet and some heart sweets. :D And I could decide, what we should do. So I thought a nice Cache round would be fine, but I thought that it would take less time. We were going a part of the CFWR round and found a lot of caches. Most of them were so easy, that we didn't like it so much. You always could see where the people walked. But one was nice. He hided the cache in bell of a bike.
The rest of the day I tried to write letters, so Nadine and Anthi will get mail from me during next week. Anna still has to wait a bit as I wasn't able to finish the letter. I really needed to relax a bit on the sofa. Now I'm waiting for the food my son and husband are preparing: exotic chicken with rice and baiser with fruits. :) I cannot wait to see everything. Did you get anything for mothers day, if you are a mother?
On Monday I want to start with my project, maybe making the tablets for tablet weaving. :)

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

Heute waren wir mal wieder kurz geocachen. Wir haben einen Mystery aufgesucht, den ich schon vor ein paar Tagen gelöst hatte. Der war recht einfach zu lösen, da es Fragen zu Fantasybüchern waren. Perfekt! Und dazu lag der Cache auch noch am Ende in der Nachbarschaft, so dass wir zu Fuß dorthin gehen konnten. Gesucht und auch schnell gefunden. :) Dann haben wir noch einen zweiten Cache gesucht. Dieser lag in Hanglage und ich bin noch nicht wirklich so sicher bei solchen Caches, also sollte Volker den mal suchen. Aber gefunden hat er ihn nicht. :( Aber wenigstens haben wir einen gefunden.
Aber auf dem Rückweg habe ich erst einmal eine Koordinate für unseren ersten Cache abgespeichert. :) Also bereite ich demnächst eine Dose vor. :D